Application Procedure

Until November 22, 2021 | New deadline: Until November 26, 2021 at 14:00 (EET)

  • Each Participant must create an online account here between 1 and 22 November 2021 at 14:00 (EET).
  • By creating an account, at the section Downloads, the participants receive the appendices of the Competition Announcement as well as the template files needed to submit subsequent stages.
  • Participants may submit any questions regarding the Competition any enquiries to the Organizers through their online account (link Contact) until 29 November 2021 at 14:00 (EET). All questions will be answered online in a Q&A format by 7 December 2021 on the Competition website.
  • Each participant, through their online account, can organize a visit to the Athens College Campus in Psychiko in order to assess the area where the Arts Building will be located.

Until February 1, 2022

  • Each participant needs to complete their (and their team’s) personal data in Greek and English and to submit the accompanying documents as listed in the Competition Announcement, article 4.4. This information will not be disclosed under any circumstances to the Selection Committee or the Organizers.
  • Each Participant must submit through the online competition platform all deliverable files related to their architectural proposal-study, as described below and in the Competition Announcement, Article 12. The deliverables must be anonymous and should not be linked to a specific participant in any way. These are the only documents that will be shared with the Selection Committee during the evaluation process.
  • The completion of the application can be done gradually by saving information at each stage as the Participant adds to their application

The deliverables that each Participant must submit and which must, upon penalty of exclusion, be anonymous are as follows:

1. FOUR (4) DIN A0 / portrait posters.

Each Participant must submit 4 DIN A0 / portrait posters.

a) Poster 1 will include a topographic diagram/site plan on a scale of 1/500 or 1/1000 and all necessary data and diagrams to analyse/document the main idea of the proposal and the integration of the proposed intervention into the direct and broader environment.

b) Posters 2 and 3 shall include floor plans (for all levels and flat roofs), façades (4), cross-sections (at least 3) on a scale of 1/200 and 3D photorealistic drawings (exterior and interior renderings)

c) Poster 4 shall be the choice of the participant (supplementing the other three) with everything the Participant considers necessary to help others better understand the proposal (drawings, sketches, explanatory sketches, diagrams, 3D images of the building with additional exterior or interior renderings), construction details, samples of materials and finishes, etc.).


The Document shall not exceed 25 pages in total (in each language, Greek and English). It must be submitted in two pdf files, one in English and one in Greek.

In this Document, the Participants shall present in a comprehensive and clear manner, their proposal in a comprehensive and clear manner which as a minimum should include:

A. A technical report with:

  1. their vision, in summary form, relating to the creation and operation of an Arts Building, as described in the purpose and scope of the Competition (Competition Announcement, Articles 2 and 3);
  2. the description of the basic architectural idea of the proposal:
  • a) information about the proposed method for situating the building in its immediate and broader environment and the functional connection between the building and school facilities (whether building facilities or not) and student traffic flows;
  • b) an analysis of the compositional principles and the way in which the site is organised;
  • c) a detailed presentation of the net surfaces of the proposed areas, compared to those described as a minimum in the building program produced by the Organizers (Competition Announcement, Article 3);
  • d) with data, relating to the building construction elements proposed for implementation, such as the built-up area, the coverage area, the volume and height of the building.
  • e) by recording the operational, aesthetic, environmental, economic and construction criteria, etc. on the basis of which it was prepared (including information about the construction method, the choice of construction materials and methods which demonstrate that care has been taken about the economy of the construction so that it does not exceed the estimated project budget to the extent possible, and the bioclimatic and energy parameters of the design of the building shell).

B. The four posters mentioned above and in the Competition Website, Article 12.1, in A3 format.

C. In addition to the above, drawings, 3D images, sketches, explanatory sketches, diagrams and anything else the Participant considers necessary for others to fully understand its proposal.


  1. The designs submitted in the Competition must use the metric system.
  2. The official language of the Competition is English for the posters, Greek and English for the Presentation Document.

Until February 1, 2022

  • Each participant needs to click “Final Submission” to complete his application. Once the procedure is complete, he will receive an automatic confirmation email, with a specific receipt code for his application. This code is personal and is under no circumstances to be shared with the Selection Committee or the Organizers.
  • As soon as the submission procedure is complete, no further modifications can be made to an application.
  • The application will be shared anonymously, under a new study code, to the Selection Committee.

If there is any issue during login or uploading information you can contact us here.