Evaluation Criteria

In making its decision the Jury shall take into consideration:

  1. The quality of the proposal from an architectural and aesthetic viewpoint;
  2. The extent to which the proposed Arts Building fulfils the Organisers’  vision as outlined in the Competition Announcement, Articles 2 and 3;
  3. The degree to which the building program needs are met, as outlined in the Competition Announcement, Article 3 and here (link 2.2 Building Characteristics);
  4. The organisation and function of both the building and its grounds;
  5. The detailed description and presentation of the basic architectural idea and the clarity of the proposal, as documented in the Competition deliverables, i.e. in the four posters (see Competition Announcement, Article 12.1) and in the Presentation Document (see Competition Announcement, Article 12.2);
  6. Harmonious integration of the building with the direct and broader grounds of the Campus and functional connection to school facilities (buildings and other facilities), pupil traffic flows and entrance gates to the Campus;
  7. The scale of the proposed building volume and the building’s environmental footprint;
  8. Compliance with all manner of regulations and commitments so that a permit can be obtained for the proposed building and it can be built as presented in the Competition submission;
  9. The ability to implement the project within the budget, namely within a total of € 6,200,000.00 (VAT incl.).