Athens College

Athens College was founded in 1925 by enlightened Greeks, led by Emmanuel Benakis and Stephanos Delta, and supported by prominent American philhellenes, such as Edward Capps, Bert Hodge Hill, Charles Howland, and others. The College belongs to the Hellenic-American Educational Foundation, a not-for-profit organization.

The Hellenic-American Educational Foundation (HAEF) is governed by a Board of Directors, which collaborates with a Board of Trustees in New York (Board of Trustees of Athens College in Greece) in order to promote the Foundation’s goals. Members of both Boards, many of whom are alumni, are distinguished professionals who volunteer their services.

The Hellenic-American Educational Foundation includes Athens College (Elementary–Junior High–High Schools), Psychiko College (Elementary–Junior High–High Schools-IB DP) and “John M. Carras” Kindergarten, collectively referred to as “Athens College,” as well as the Adult Education Programs, the Conservatory, the Summer and Special Programs and the Foreign Languages Center.

The mission of the Hellenic-American Educational Foundation is to contribute to society as a beacon for Greek education, developing responsible global citizens and future leaders, inspired by Hellenic heritage and both American and European liberal values. Its aim is to provide the essence of education by helping each individual to achieve their highest potential and unique aspirations, instilling in them respect for themselves and others, cultivating a sense of civic duty, and exemplifying the highest ethical standards.

Our aim, through academic excellence and critical thinking, is to inspire and transform students into graduates distinguished by creativity, teamwork and a spirit of discovery.